Port Edgar Yacht Club is located at the iconic Forth Bridges and within 60 minutes drive for most people in Scotland.  We provide a wide range of sailing activities supported by Port Edgar Watersports Centre and Forthsail, both highly recognised RYA Recognised Training Centres, which together deliver the most comprehensive and busiest training programme in Scotland. Send an email to peyc-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to join our news group.

Photos from Last Years Cruise to burntisland

Please browse this website for more details and email us  if you have questions or would like to come and visit. We will make sure there is someone to meet you on your first visit to Port Edgar and can even arrange a sail for you.

The following links provide some guidance for anyone wanting to get involved with the club’s activities.

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  • Graham Wright

    I have a print of HMS EDINBURGH which has been signed by the first captain Martin Ladd. If you are interested in purchasing, either email me or give me a call on 01968 768654 and I will Email you a picture. Many thanks for your time.

    Graham Wright

  • Gillian Rhodes

    This is for information purposes we are running an event on the 6th September.
    Swimming the length of the Firth of ForthThis event will take place on Sunday 6th September 2015

    The swim starts from South Queensferry leaving at Hawes pier and is swam along by the rail bridge to finish at the old pier at North Queensferry a distance of 1.4 miles.
    The swim start at 09:00 am with registration from 08:30am sharp.

    If you wish to take part of enquire please call us on 0333 5777946

  • Calum Robertson

    Perhaps we need to have the subject of the Sternchase (Pursuit race) as a winter talk or a post on the website front page before the event? Two competitors stopped racing just before the time was up, thinking they had to complete the lap they were on. One of them would have claimed third place had they just kept sailing a bit longer! As OOD I got asked many times, ” How many laps do we do “. I suppose it is a function of how many we do per year and how often people read the Sailing Instructions.


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