Sunday Yacht Race Training and Racing

We will be racing every Sunday from April 3rd through to December 18th. Racing is usually in the afternoon with race training at 1100 in the morning. Some races start in the morning.

If you are new and/or dont have a yacht to race on then just let us know when you are available by completing a crew diary form. We will then find you a yacht to race and/or train on. We call this our mix and match service.

Skippers should enter their yacht for each Sunday race on the quick entry form or by using the yacht diary system. You can also use the diary system to request additional crew and to register whether your yacht will be joining the training.

All Crew can use the crew diary system to let their skippers know when they are available. You can also use this form to join in training in the morning whether your yacht is participating or not. If your normal yacht is not racing and you have said you are racing then we will find you another yacht to race on using mix and match.