PEYC 707 Sprints 2023 9 and 10 September

Wonderful weather on Saturday for the 16 boats in the regatta in 2 fleets, and with 9 races under their belts resulted in competitors having big grins at the finish and a thirst for the sponsor’s Stewart Brewing beer. Sadly no wind on Sunday and the threat of lightening and torrential rain meant an early end to the event. Meantime the race helpers played a mandolin on the Committee Boat, Hullaballoo, which encouraged some mackerel to take the bite, but failed to whistle up the wind.

The SWORDFISH Team from Royal Findhorn Yacht Club were the winners and the prize was a large trophy, much beer, and of course a mackerel! Prizes handed out by Roisin from sponsor Port Edgar Watersports.A very big thank you to all PEYC members for doing a huge amount of work and helping to make this event a big success.