707 Tuesday Race Training

Hi Everyone

I am organising Tuesday night 707 race training again for this year. Six Tuesday night sessions every other week from 19/4/16. We meet at the club at 6pm sharp and come off the water about 9.30pm for a de-brief in the bar. If you want to know how to get away from work by 5pm ask me for tips from previous participants!
There will be 6 boats and 30 people taking part.
Six weeks will cover

1. Basic boat control, speed up, slow down, tacking and gybing.
2. Starting – lots of starts and very short races
3. Get the spinnaker up and down
4. Get the spinnaker up, lots of gybing, take it down, repeat.
5. As above but add in mark roundings
6. Full on short races using spinnakers

When you sign up for a place please choose if you want to be either:
a) Skipper  (you feel confident of your helming skills and want the 
     chance  to practice being in charge of a race team)
b) Co-pilot (you don’t feel ready to be in charge, but want to 
     practice your helming in races as well as take a turn of other positions)
C) Crew (you don’t want to helm much but want to swap around different crewing positions 
     – main /pit /trim /foredeck)

Places are poplular, the cost is £120 for the course. You need to be a club member (or join before the course) and already know how to sail. If interested please email me on scotrachel@yahoo.co.uk 

As in previous years I hope it will be lots of fun and many new friendships made. People then have the whole summer ahead of them to hire the club 707’s and race or cruise with new sailing buddies, friends and family.