Dinghy Training Powers Ahead

With the last training day ‘weather’ cancelled, we were keen to for this one to go ahead.  It did come down to the wire though, with some heavy winds being forecast, but in the end the 4 dinghies had good, even F2/3 winds in Queensferry Bay. Ali Morrish took us through dingy starting techniques on hovering, line bias, countdown, along with the effects of tide and wind.  There was a lot to think about but we got lots of chances to practice and feedback between Continue reading →

Dinghy Race Training – 31st May 2015

The theme of the training is anything to do with race starts.  It’ll cover manoeuvres to get the dinghies in the right position at the right time to get a great start.  Some example manoeuvres include hovering, accelerating, timing and distance, tacking on the spot, lane holding, double tacks etc. We’ll also have practice starts so we can use the manoeuvres we’ve learnt with other dinghies vying for position. The day is aimed for anyone who is new to racing or wants to improve their race starts.  Each Continue reading →

First Dinghy Racing Training Course of the year great success

All Yesterday was the first dinghy training of the year with Ali.   The forecast was for F3 gusting 4 NW and was delivered.   The first part of the morning was spent looking at the controls of the dinghies and they affected the sails.  I never knew the laser had such a flexible mast!!!   Then we headed out into the marina area practising tacks and gybes.  it was very challenging as the wind was gusting and swirling  especially nearer the breakwater.  All of us had near Continue reading →

Weekend Forecast looking good for inaugural ‘Big Orange’ and regular racing

The Forecast for the weekend is looking good for the First Saturday family dinghy sailing ‘Big Orange’ club tomorrow (on at the same time as the dinghy race). We have 10 sailors confirmed coming and 6 possibles – 7 adults and 9 kids. Maggie Adamson a new member from Shetland and a qualified Dinghy Instructor will be helping Andrew Lawrie from the Watersports centre to run the event. If we get a regular turnout for racing then this will be the biggest Saturday dinghy sailing turnout Continue reading →

Successful early PEYC trials of raceQs

A number of boats have been trialling the FREE service raceQs to track and share their sailing experiences. The app had been used for both cruising and racing and has showed very early promise. The app appears to be very easy to use although some of the more sophisticated race analysis functions need a bit more expertise. One or two boats have had difficulties recording tracks particularly on the old Andriod app which is expected to be updated shortly. However, an alternative method of recording Continue reading →

Saturday Family Sailing Launched

PEYC and Port Edgar Watersports (PEW) are please to announce the launch of Saturday Family Sailing to encourage parents and kids out on the water at the same time. The scheme will run at the same time as PEYC Saturday dinghy racing from May until September. Children typically will be accompanied by an adult. Children must be Junior members of PEYC (which is free if the parent is a member and £20 p.a if not). The cost is £10 per child per single handed boat Continue reading →