707 Club – yacht sailing for all abilities

A group of keen club sailors run the PEYC 707 Club  programme. The 707 Club is a place to practise sailing on Hunter 707s, make mistakes and build skills in a safe environment. We take out any level from complete beginners to competent sailors who want to go sailing.

The club owns two small yachts named Apollo and Baltika, Up to 8 people can take part and club mentors are there to offer guidance. It is a great way to meet other people who also want to sail yachts.

Sessions run at weekends from April to December, and summer Monday or Thursday evenings.

Sessions are for PEYC members but you can come to up to three 707 Club sessions as a non-member, before you join the club.  If you want to come along just go ahead and book online under the Booking tab.

In terms of what to bring or wear for the 707 Club sessions: ideally please wear waterproof clothing and suitable non-slip, non-marking footwear, as well as a sailing lifejacket. If you do not have a lifejacket, you can  borrow one of the buoyancy aids that are available on both the 707s.

Sessions cost £12.10 per person and are bookable from the 707 Booking tab on the PEYC site.

If you are a complete beginner, you are very welcome, but we recommend that if you enjoy sailing with us, then you do a sailing course with Port Edgar Watersports. Membership of Port Edgar Yacht Club can give you discounts on the cost of their courses.

Experienced racing members can use a club 707 in club races and 707 events. The fee is £22 for a half day or evening or £38.50 for a full day. The club provides well worn laminate sales (plus a spinnaker) but does have 2 recent Hyde jibs and an Elvstrom main. Using one of these jibs costs an extra £15 per hire, or the jib plus main £30. Please contact me if you wish to race a club 707.

If you have any other questions about the 707 Club, please contact Peter Collings on [email protected]

Book at https://www.peyc.org.uk/707-and-nimrod-bookings/

Booking Guidelines

  • For a boat to be booked for taking out without supervision the helm must be ‘Accredited’.
  • To become an Accredited Helm, an individual must be a paid up full club member and must have attended an accreditation session with one of the 707 mentors, or a member of the committee. This is to ensure the person knows how to set up and put away the boat, use the outboard engine and enter/exit the marina safely. Members can gain skills in order to become accredited by attending 707 training sessions.
  • Applications for Accreditation should be sent to Robin McAdam  email:   [email protected]
  • Apart from the skipper, the rest of the crew need not be accredited, nor – for an occasional visitor – do they need to be club members.

General guidelines.

  1. Sailing
    • The boats are restricted to sailing on that piece of the Forth that is bounded by lines north/south through Oxcars Light to the east and Limekilns to the west.
  2. Safety.
    • The well being and safety of both the crew and the boat are the responsibility of the skipper, i.e. the Accredited helm.
    • Please note, lifejackets should be taken on board. There are a few bouyancy aids on board but please do not rely on these as they may not fit your crew members.
    • If the Marina Authorities are flying the Red Flag (typically winds of 16/17 knots or more and a disturbed sea state), PEYC 707 Day-sail Hires are NOT be taken out.
  3. Faults
    • Please let the707 maintenance group know if anything is not working asap so he can get it fixed before the next people use the boat  email [email protected]


  • The 707’s can be booked for racing. At the rates above.
  • The Red Flag restriction (see above) will not apply to racing hires, in that the race arrangements themselves will provide a level of safety cover not available for the lone cruising yacht.

Training and Development events

  • From time to time there will be club sponsored/club run training and development events. If any charge is to be made, that will be made known in the pre event publicity.
  • Such events could be aimed at club members or outsiders (potential new members, schools, colleges etc) with the course content covering helming and/or crewing.
  • Where specified, helms may not have to have been accredited.

707 Training Videos



Spinnaker rigging


Spinnaker handling


Spinnaker basics