We welcome newcomers to the sport and to our club and want to make you feel at home. We sail from April through to Christmas. Here is our weekly schedule. Click on highlighted text below to find out more on how to get in evolved or email

Volunteering – A great way to meet other members of the club is to volunteer to help on the committee boat or on ribs during races and regattas. No previous experience is necessary. If you are interested just email You can see the dates of the events we need volunteers on the following volunteers page. There are lots of other jobs that need doing to run the club. Just as a member of the committee if you are interested in helping.

Monday Evening – is dinghy racing night. This is run from April through to September. There are typically two classes with one specifically for novices. Big Red the Port Edgar Watersports Centre racing juniors join us. There is no sailing scheduled when the tide is too low.

Tuesday Evening – is yacht race crew development night. This is run in the first few weeks of the Season from April. We use a number of 707s and is focussed on race crew training but anyone can come along. There is a charge of £120 for six evenings. On alternative Tuesdays there is one design 707 racing for £20 a head.

Wednesday Evening – is midweek yacht racing night. We sail from mid April through to the end of September. There are number of 4 series and several trophy (i.e. one off) races. We also run a mix and match service for crew and skippers to help crew find boats and skippers to find crew. If you are interested just email We also plan to start Youth Sailing in pico dinghies on Wednesday evenings for members children starting June 9th. Your children can enjoy sailing while you are acing or come along and sail with your children if you prefer. If you are interested then email

Thursday Evening – is midweek dinghy sailing and yacht cruising night. Skippers take their boats for a sail in company. Alternatively you can hire a dinghy from the Sailing School for £10 per head. Subscribe to our yacht cruising email group by sending an email to if you would like to join in. We also use our club 707s when necessary to ensure everyone that wants to sail can get out.

Weekend Dinghy sailing and racing – Saturday (April to September) is dinghy racing and family sailing day. Tide permitting it starts at 1330 very Saturday from May to September. You can either race or just go for a fun sail with some instruction with safety cover provided by the club rib or one from the Port Edgar Watersports Centre. In October the racing and dinghy sailing moves to Sundays to coincide with yacht racing.

Weekend Yacht Racing – There are club and FYCA run yacht races most weekends from April to September and an Autumn and Winter Series on Sundays October to Christmas. We run a mix and match service for crew and skippers to help crew find boats and skippers to find crew. If you are interested just email

Weekend Yacht Cruising – Many of the Thursday evening cruising fleet also take their yachts out at the weekend. If you would like to join in then the best way is to get involved on Thursdays, get to know the skippers and be good company !