We hope to start Thursday evening sailing on 3rd May and will open the bar for pre-season get together from about 6.30 on Thursday 26th April

There are some two hundred boats in Port Edgar marina and about thirty of those regularly take part in club races. This section is for the others: people who just like to go sailing. Some are content with a day sail down the river and a lunch stop at Inchcolm; others have or are planning to cross oceans. They have one thing in common: they love being out on the water, preferably in a sailing boat but any boat is better than none. The “non racing” section aims to bring together like-minded people and provide a network for all the things they have in common. You can see cruising photos taken by members here photos

Thursday Evening Sailing

Thursday evening sailing has been a starting point for lots of people. Many of them have gone on to buy their own boats. It is a chance to get out on the water meet people and to network.

How do you get involved ? Arrangements are made by email: at the beginning of the week an invitation to sail is sent and people respond.  If you would like to become involved the first and most important step is to join our mailing list. To  do this send an email to from the email address you wish to use. We can usually accommodate everyone who want to sail but it is advisable to post your intention to come rather than turn up on spec.

Weekend cruises are usually a day sail in company to a local harbour:  Limekilns, and Aberdour are favourites.  They are very sociable occasions as picture below shows.  For more details see the cruising calendar page


Port Edgar yachts at Limkilns

You can see more photos of weekend cruises:

Port Edgar boats at Burntisland

Port Edgar boats at Boness

Cruising email list

To join send an email to  from the email address you wish to subscribe with.

Once you are a member you can post messages by sending an email to

This was originally set up to coordinate Thursday evening sailing but now has nearly 300 members and is used for general networking among people who like to go sailing on the Forth. You can use it to:

  • Share your plans for the weekend when the forecast looks good and perhaps meet up at some agreed destination.
  • Find a crewing space on a boat if you just want a day on the water.
  • Meet new crew if you just want to go sailing and are short handed.
  • Coordinate longer cruises.
  • Ask for help if you are doing some work on a boat and need an extra pair of hands.
  • And talk about anything that people who go sailing like to talk about.

Cruising Log and Photo Competition

We hold an annual photo and cruising log competition and are now ready to receive entries for 2018

Photographs.  The guidelines are very loose pictures can be of a boat; taken from a boat or generally feature boat and water.  You don’t have to travel to exotic locations for your pictures: it has been won be a pin sharp, tightly composed image taken between the bridges.  If you’d like to enter please send a maximum of five  pictures as high res jpegs to this email address.  I will collate them in a public album and prevail on our judge to deliver a verdict in time for the AGM

Cruising Logs  These can be an account of any passage in which you participate either as crew or as skipper.  Again it doesn’t have to be ocean crossing adventures, it has been won by well written  accounts of a trip across the Clyde and through the Crinan Canal and of a dinghy cruise to Inchkeith.  So whatever your memories of the summer of 2017 now is the time to commit them to paper.  Please send them to me as word documents or as PDF.

Please send entries to both competitions to The closing date for both is Monday 7th January and the prizes will be awarded at the AGM

You can find 2017 winners and runners up here 2017 photos  If you would like to see the entire album of entries you will find them here  Flickr album