Hardslog and Wild Horse take first races in Wed A Series

Div 1 Race report …. The first race of the Wednesday Evening A Series found the crews coming out in a F6 Easterley. With the tide ebbing against the wind there was a steep chop. In Division 1 Jacob, John Stamps new J88, led the fleet up to the first mark L followed closely by Hardslog, Erin and The Black Prince. The beat up to V (the admiralty mooring buoy) was lively and the middle of the fleet was packed tightly as they rounded close (a bit too close for some !). No worries getting at least a little worried and perhaps confused in the melee and Moonstruck over standing the mark by some margin. TBP and Jacob flew kites down to mark W by the East Breakwater with the rest of the fleet being more cautious. Half way down the run Henceforth’s crew (with owner Phil Walter on board) decide not to risk any breakages and tack rather than gybe. At the leeward mark Jacob are still chasing TBP followed by Erin who have by now overhauled Hardslog. No Worries call it a day.  Jacob lose some ground in beat up to Q and are overtaken by Erin and Eau J start making inroads against Hardslog. Meanwhile Moonstruck look like they hit the mark and do some turns (but was it too many  or did they hit it twice ?!). All in all a lively start to the Series.

Final Results here

If someone in Div 2 would like to become our regular race reporter then send an email to peycwelcome@gmail.com

The raceQs race replay is available for you to replay on a PC or mac. (The tablet version is not being released until later in the year.) 5 of the 8 finishers and 6 of the 11 starts tried it this week. The Black Prince and Henceforth tracks have a few blips but the others are complete. Any questions or problems then email peyc.racing@gmail.com.