Membership details

Membership of Port Edgar Yacht Club is open to anyone. Membership runs from 1 April to 31 March.

When you have read the details below you can join by clicking here.

See the subscription rates below.

Our preferred method of paying membership subscriptions is by Gocardless direct debit. You can sign up to pay by direct debit for the membership category you have selected on this direct debit link.

There is no waiting list or interview procedure, though it is a requirement that two weeks elapse between application and election. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us on

The classes of membership are:

  • Racing Membership: Full participation in all the Club’s activities and open to persons aged 18 and over. Full members may sign in guests and have one vote at the AGM. All U18 year olds and students in full time education residing at the same address as a Racing Member may also join as  Junior members on a complimentary basis.
  • Cruising Membership: The same rights as a Racing Member but may not race in more than 4 club races in a year. All U18 year olds and students in full time education residing at the same address as a Cruising Member may also join as Junior or Student members on a complimentary basis.
  • Berth Holder Cruising Membership : Only open to Annual Bertholders at Port Edgar Marina. The same rights as a Cruising Member.
  • Family Membership: Two adults living at the same address. One named adult with the same rights as a Racing Member and the other with the same rights as a Cruising Member. All U18 year olds and students in full time education residing at the same address may also join as Student or Junior members on a complimentary basis.
  • Student Membership: Over 18 in Full Time Education. The same rights as Racing Members.
  • Junior Membership: For children of members (and the friends of those children if sponsored by the parent) under the age of 18. May enter boats in races, but no vote or signing in rights for guests.
  • Affiliate Club: For bona fide clubs that sail at Port Edgar. Members of Affiliated Clubs usually have the same rights as a Cruising Member but do not have a right to vote.Members of Affiliated Clubs attached to youth and educational facilities and under 18s of other Affiliated Clubs may also participate in racing.
  • Temporary: Conferred automatically on sailors participating in Open events, including the Autumn and Winter Series.

Up to 3 guests (i.e. non-members) per day can be signed in to the clubhouse guest book up to a maximum of 6 times by a PEYC member. Thereafter they should join.

It is a requirement that anyone racing 5 or more times per year is a member of the Club as detailed above i.e. they must normally be a Racing, Student or Junior members. Non-members who have raced 4 times may also race with skippers who have purchased a Skippers Guest Card. The Sailing Instructions oblige skippers of racing boats to ensure that their crew are eligible and that any non-members are signed in on the race sheets before racing.

Membership Rates for 2020  for payment by direct debit are as follows:

  • First Year Racing Member – £75
  • Racing Member – £135
  • Cruising Member – £55
  • Berth Holder Cruising Membership – £30
  • First Year Family Member – £100
  • Family Member – £160
  • Student – £30
  • Junior – No charge
  • Affiliate – By arrangement

Payment by card, BACS transfer or cheque costs £5 more owing to the extra administration involved.

The Membership Secretary and Treasurer have discretion to make concessions in hardship cases, or in cases where a parent is joining solely in order that a child can have Junior membership.

Membership Conditions

The following conditions of membership apply :

  1. Acceptance of points (a-i) in the Risk Statement in RYA Addendum A to the RRS Appendix J
  2. Acceptance of the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-20, the current PEYC Sailing Instructions and the rules of Port Edgar YC
  3. Agreement to carry out allocated Race Officer duties
  4. For boat owners confirmation that they will have third party liability insurance of at least £2M while racing.