New Clubhouse – Donations

After months of effort, I am delighted to announce that we finally have some good news and solid developments to report !

As some of you will know, the project depends on three key elements:
1. New 83-year Lease
2. Planning Permission
3. Funding (club’s cash, members’ donations, possible grant)
I am therefore very pleased to announce that our new Lease was signed and Planning Permission was granted during the past week.
This means we can start parts of the clubhouse project now, and complete our Funding package over the next few months.

What happens next?

We need to ready the site for the contractors and get the owners to remove the remaining Land Rovers, the container and various other items. The cottage needs to be emptied.

Contractors have been identified and prices agreed to:

1. level the site and fill in the air raid shelter
2. put in foundations for the modular building
3. move the modular building on to the site

We can now talk to contractors about timing. Inevitably in the holiday season the dates are likely to be a few weeks away, but you will shortly start seeing some activity on site.


There are two elements we are now working on.

1. SportScotland grant application

Our grant application to SportScotland has been deferred by them until 31st August so we can submit further information, particularly about membership. We will know the outcome by the end of November.

If we do get a substantial grant, we will be able to press on, using contractors, and complete the project in about 12 months.

If we fail to get a grant, we will still proceed, but at a slower pace and to a lower specification. It will require some manual input from members, and take an extra year or so to complete.

Either way, we will have a new clubhouse by using the modular building next season, with redevelopment of the cottage to provide showers and toilets to follow.

2. Members’ donations with Gift Aid

Whether we get a grant or not, we will still require significant donations with Gift Aid from our members.

Thanks to the generosity of a relatively small number of members we have so far raised £35,000 in donations. We will also be contributing £150,000 from our cash reserves. These sums will be more than enough for phase one.

However, whether we get a grant or not, we will still need at least another £35,000 (and preferably more) in donations from members. I therefore ask all members to who have not yet donated to consider doing this now.

We will provide an update on the project after sailing one Wednesday soon, but please speak to Neil MacDougall, Peter Collings or Charlie Simpson if you have any questions.

How do I donate?

We are therefore now seeking donations from club members who have not yet done so, to raise at least a further £35,000. All donations will be anonymous. As a guide to members, it’s clear a few generous cornerstone donations will give us a great start. But even then, we’ll need the support of most members, with a sizeable number of members (60+) donating in the order of £500 each.
Of course, all donations, however small, will be gratefully received.

The Gift Aid form invites lump sum donations, or payment in 10 instalments. If you want to do something else, please fill in the amount of the first donation and contact Peter Collings at so he knows what you are doing.

Please pay by:

bank transfer to sort code 83-19-20, account number 00237963 (please put your name as the reference); or
by cheque posted to Peter Collings, 73 Lasswade Road, Edinburgh, EH16 6SZ.
Most members paying in instalments will probably set up standing orders through on-line banking, but paper standing order forms will be available in the clubhouse for those who prefer to use paper.

For us to claim the Gift Aid we must have a paper Gift Aid form completed by you.

You can print the PEYC gift aid form or there are copies in the clubhouse. Please return it via the postbox in the clubhouse or post the form to Peter Collings at the above address.

Any contribution that you are able to make will help in replacing the clubhouse with a building which is fit for purpose, will support the development of the club, and be a fine place for you to enjoy.

Please speak to Peter Collings or Charlie Simpson if you have any queries or email .

Charlie Simpson