New to Sailing

If you are new to Sailing you don’t need to have any experience to join in our club activities but it does help. You dont need experience to get involved in our cruising evenings and weekends, 707 Club, Theory Practice Sessions and helping with committee boat duties. We also have a cruising yacht, two Hunter 707 keelboats and various dinghies which members can hire.

Once you have some sailing experience you can move quickly onto club dinghy sailing, yacht race training, dinghy racing and yacht racing.

If you are a complete novice and want to get into yacht and dinghy racing quickly then we strongly recommend you attend an RYA course at an RYA Recognised Training Centre. We are lucky because we have such a centre right on our doorstep .. Port Edgar Watersports. PEW offer Keelboat Sailing and Dinghy Sailing courses specifically for novices. We recommend their Keelboat 1 Start Sailing and 2 Basic Skills courses for people wanting to sail yachts. They use Hunter 707s; the same yachts as our own club owned boats.

If you have done little or no dinghy sailing and aren’t sure what RYA course to attend then feel to contact us and we can advice you appropriately.

Its important you come prepared. Suitable clothing, shoes, gloves and hats are important. A lifejacket is essential. We can provide advice when you first approach us if you are not sure.

I you have sailing experience then see links to our various acitivities

If you have any general questions then email [email protected]