Next five years: PEYC

As ever, PEYC is a busy club with much going on. ‘The Next Five Years’ highlights our priorities for the years ahead. We are already in action on much of what is touched on the plan, but there is also much to do if we’re to continue to build the kind of active, accessible club we want to be part of. I look forward to working with you all on it.

Terry Kirchin

1 What we hold to be true …

Over the last five years, PEYC has seen change taking place – both inside and outside of the club. We have been fortunate; we have weathered the storm that has hit hard some parts of sailing.

Our dinghy fleet has remained active – as has our yachts, on both the cruising and racing fronts. Plus, we have more members than ever.

There’s no doubt, we benefit from a number of things – a central location within Scotland’s main population centres, an all weather/all tide harbour and immediate access to both sheltered waters and the open sea. Add to that, some dramatic sights, some interesting tides, a sprinkling of commercial craft and a number of islands and harbours and we have the recipe for some fine and varied sailing.

On the financial side, we have low membership fees yet we still run at a surplus. Plus, we also hold a fair sized reserve at the bank.

Our ‘home’, Port Edgar, now has a new operator for the 280 berth marina (an operator who is already making sizeable investments in the facility), a new sailing school and a full range of support activities, including a chandlery, a sail maker and rigging, marine engineering activities.

In summary, we are an active, well established, well supported club working hard to enjoy our sailing and build on our ‘accessibility’.

2 Just holding steady …

We need to;

  • keep on doing what we’re doing.
  • stay relaxed, informal, sociable, welcoming.
  • keep offering a broad span of well run, water based activities.
  • manage carefully any emerging pressure on Members Subscriptions.
  • look after the equipment we have.
  • work closely with the marina operator to ensure we have a well run site with fair charges.

3 Worthy of going the extra mile ….

We can;

  • make the world out there more aware of who we are and what’s on offer here.
  • build our training and development opportunities – both within the club and with the SailingSchool
  • support and enhance our cruising activity
  • within 2 – 3 years, be enjoying a major enhancement to our clubhouse … either in the form of a new building or a major re-vamp of our existing home… without losing sight of our ‘accessible’ philosophy.
  • review our Membership categories and the associated annual subscriptions part to recognise how the club has evolved over the years and partly as a precursor to exploring the possibility of building closer links with other Port Edgar watersport activities/clubs.
  • we can be better at drawing on the voluntary effort that will continue to be the cornerstone of what we achieve … and better at properly acknowledging it when it’s given.