Next Sunday Race Dashboard and Entry Form

Entry Forms

If yachts maintain their Sunday Yacht Diary they will automatically be entered when they have indicated their intention to race in their diary.

Alternatively you can enter (or withdraw) with the form below at most 7 days before the race. If you wish to sail with your white sail handicap then you must in any case complete a form below.

Finish Times

If you use raceQs then there is no need to submit a finish time form. If not using raceQs you should also remember to take your lap times in case of shortened course wind back.

The end of lap mark is also the finish mark F (with a transit to the race box) for all West and East Courses.

All South West Courses use a finish mark of E with an end of lap mark H. Some North East courses use F as for West and East Courses and others use E and H as per the South West Course.

Whenever E and H are used the finish line (or end of lap) is a North South Transit going through the mark.

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