Nimrod – Club Yacht

PEYC has recently purchased a Club Yacht – Nimrod – a Hunter 272. She has been repaired and refitted.

She is ready for use by members for Hire for those who are ‘Accredited’ by a mentor, or for learning about sailing by members going out with a mentor.

It is a great way to learn to sail and also how to look after a yacht for those who might be interested in buying their own yacht in due course.

Bookings are online. See membership page for details about PEYC membership. 4 people can be on the yacht comfortably, or 3 plus a mentor.

What do you wear? Well warm clothes and layers, because even on a summer day it can be chilly out on the water. 

If you have a life jacket – great! If not we can supply life jackets.


  • for hire the helm must be accredited by a PEYC mentor.
  • to become an accredited Helm an individual must be a current fully paid up member of PEYC and be accredited by a PEYC Mentor. This is to ensure that the helm knows how to set up and take the boat out and berth her up, and all the safety features, and the mentor is comfortable that the person is safe to helm.
  • apart from the helm the rest of the crew need not be accredited, and vistors are welcome to come along with the helm.


To book Nimrod or a mentored session, head over to our booking page.

General guidance:

1. Inventory:

Please ensure that you check the inventory before and after use of the yacht. Please do not remove items.

2. Sailing:

  • the yacht is restricted to the Forth, and to the west of Inchkeith (not the canal to the west)
  • check the tides and wind before taking the yacht out

3. Safety:

  • the helm is totally responsible for the safety of the crew and boat
  • Life jackets must be made available to all crew onboard. It is strongly advised that they are worn by all on board.
  • If the Marina Authorities are flying the Red flag (typically over 16/17 knots and a disturbed sea state) Nimrod is NOT to be taken out. 
  • If the wind reaches 20 knots when out Nimrod must be brought back in to the marina.

4. Faults:

  • Please complete the Maintenance Log Book AND inform the bosun immediately

5. Mentors:

If you’re not yet an accredited helm, you must complete accreditation prior to hiring Nimrod. There are two avenues available to get accredited

  1. “Mentored 2.5h sessions” which are pre-arranged mentored sessions similar to Club 707
  2. Self-serviced mentored sessions. Find a mentor through our google group and once confirmed book a suitable session. You’re expected to add the name of the Mentor as a note to the booking form