Notes from 2018 Skippers’ Dinner

Most people seem happy with the current division split and the present series.
Most people were happy with the race courses and ease of course selection.
There was some grumbling about how volatile the rolling handicap was and the Sailing Sec agreed to look into the problem.
It was no to a separate 707 class. 
Still work in progress for lights for the night series and a search light for the race box.
Next years night series to finish earlier, date wise.
It was requested that we get the main dates for next years race calendar out by Christmas to allow forward planning.
A “Round the Bridges Race” was suggested.
The BBQ Sunday races were popular and should keep their family orientated theme.
It was suggested marks were laid in Inverkeithing Bay (little tide) and a Sunday series be introduced using Olympic style courses with two shortish races each day.
It was requested we produce printed versions of the race calendar for distribution to members.
Sunday cruises in company were requested – but needed some leadership.
The club website, personal emails and Facebook were considered the best ways for publicising club events.
The idea was suggested of an RC 32 (or 30) class for the club which would require boats to have an IRC certificate – work in progress on that one. (An RC35 class is proving to be very popular on the west coast.)