PEYC SI Amendment 2018-4

4.1  SI 1.11 Courses:

The PEYC 2018 Yacht Trophy courses, for the Bosun’s Locker trophy races on 6th May and the Queen Margaret trophy races on 2nd Sept, are posted on the PEYC web site.


4.2  SI 1.9 Schedule of Races:

Time limit extensions for the Bosun’s Locker races on 6th May are amended to 2:20.

Time limit extensions for the Queen Margaret races on 2nd Sept are amended to 2:10.


4.3  SI 1.5 Restricted Sail Option for Yachts:

Para 1.5(a) is amended as follows to make treatment of 3-crew & 5-crew yachts fairer:

….or ‘short-handed’, the later defined as 60% or less of the yacht’s full crew except that two crew are permitted on 3-crew rated designs. The RS provision ….


4.4  SI 1.9 Schedule of Races:

Yacht Easter series race #6 on Sun 13th May is cancelled to free up resources to run the Dinghy Regatta on 12th/13th May. The yacht Easter series will have 5-races only.

Jim Scott – PEYC Sailing Secretary – 27th April 2018