PEYC SI Amendment 2018-6

6.1  SI 1.9 Schedule of Races:

Due to recent silting, time limits and extensions for the following Night Series races are modified to provide a nominal 1.6m tide height at the end of the extension period:

29th Aug:     Time limit: 20:55     Extension: 00:35

12th Sept:    Time limit: 20:45     Extension: 00:35

26th Sept:    Time limit: 20:10     Extension: 00:20

6.2  SI 1.8 Marks:

‘PEYC Race Marks – Aug 2018’ is posted on the PEYC web site. Marks K, Y and dinghy mark X are deleted since they cannot be laid or used this season. Rosyth No1 cat buoy is designated as yacht mark ‘ i ‘ for the Night Series and will always be left to stbd. LED lights, showing a constant white light, will be fitted to race marks L, Z, Q & W for the Night Series.

6.3  SI 1.11 Courses:

‘PEYC Yacht night courses – Aug 2018’ is posted on the PEYC web site. These are the new Night Series courses #500 – #539 for committee boat starts at mark E, and Night Series courses #550 – #559 for race box starts at mark W.

—         Jim Scott – PEYC Sailing Secretary – 17th Aug 2018