PEYC Weekend Dinghy Sailing

For the weekend races the sailing area is between the Queensferry Crossing and the rail bridge using
the full width of the river. Weekend races are held on Saturdays apart from the last race of the season when we join the yacht racers for the end of season christmas party.

Normally we aim for a 13:00 start and have 3 races each afternoon with a target finish time of around 15:30. On some days low tides  mean we delay to 14:00, but still aim to finish around 15:30  after 2 races. The loan boats are available for weekend races

Most races start from the  racebox at the end of the pier and  over 3  or 4 weekends we form a series of 9 – 12 races.   We have 7 such series spread over the year. On 6 occasions we will run a one day trophy series with courses in Queensferry  Bay and a committee boat start.

Dates and times of races and fun sails are in the Sailing Calendar . Sailing instructions  are in the SIs Section, and  courses are found in the Dinghy Course  Section.