PEYC 707 Sprints 2023 9 and 10 September

Wonderful weather on Saturday for the 16 boats in the regatta in 2 fleets, and with 9 races under their belts resulted in competitors having big grins at the finish and a thirst for the sponsor’s Stewart Brewing beer. Sadly no wind on Sunday and the threat of lightening and torrential rain meant an early end to the event. Meantime the race helpers played a mandolin on the Committee Boat, Hullaballoo, which encouraged some mackerel to take the bite, but failed to whistle up the Continue reading →

Pushing the envelope

Hardslog and Shoki took 5 mix and matchers out for training in some challenging conditions. The wind was force 4 to 5 from the South East. With all but one mix and matcher never having sailed on the boat they were on and 1 (Lynsey) never having raced before at all there was lots of learning potential for both experienced and inexperienced crew alike. On Hardslog, we were joined by James on mast who last Wednesday sailed on the J70. Shoki took Walter, Dougie and Continue reading →

Tight at the top

The first race of the Sunday Easter Series was a long one in a shifty strong but up and down breeze with the wind oscillating unpredictably and repeatedly from East to South and back again. This provided some great gains for different boats at various times in the race. The course was F V F N F N F with an agreement up front that Div 3 boats only need to do 2 laps with their 2nd lap time added onto their time again. Another Continue reading →