Pre-Season Talks and New Members meet and greet

The next evening talk will be on 29th March commencing at 7.30 pm in the club house, a talk by the characterful Martin Edge entitled “Crossing Oceans on a Shoestring – Sailing to the South Seas for Cheapskates”.
“Over the past two years Martin has spent several months sailing across the Caribbean and half of the Pacific – from Panama via Galapagos to Tahiti – for the price of little more than his sanity.  He’s done it by hitching lifts on two different 32 ft boats of dubious suitability, with skippers of dubious character and mental stability. He’ll be presenting tales and pictures of sailing to perhaps some of the world’s most exotic destinations.”…
Martin offers a unique and often hilarious approach so an evening not to be missed.
The racing season begins on Sunday April 2nd and Wednesday Evening yacht racing starts a fortnight earlier than usual on April 5th”