Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 12.10.36PEYC encourage both racing and cruising skippers and crew to use raceQs tracking to enable them to relive and share their sailing experiences. This is a FREE app and service and is available on Android and Apple phones.

raceQs is a web and phone app which records your gps track and automatically uploads it to your raceQs account on the web for you to replay in Google Earth with some interesting social networking and route analysis features. It is very easy to use for a novice and has lots of features for the more technically inclined. (You don’t have to use raceQs to record your gps track if you prefer to use something else as there is a facility for uploading tracks recorded using other devices.) If you only have an iPad for example try using the free app ViewRanger to record your track then upload them to your raceQs account. For step by step instructions click ViewRanger Instructions. raceQs will be developing tablet versions of the app later in the year. This works seamlessly.

All you need to do is register at raceQs.com for a free account. If you have a Facebook account you don’t need a separate password and is very easy and fully integrated with full privacy controls. If not, then just provide and email address and choose a password. Skippers can use raceQs to invite people to sail with them and keep track of replies.

If you want to see what the track replay and analysis app can do then just play the following link on a PC or mac (N.B. a tablet replay version will not be available util later in 2014) Replay Example

The easiest way to learn is to pad the app on your phone, record and upload a track and then try it. Here is a link to the answers to the most common questions raceQS FAQ