raceQs – Tracking Sunday Races

In 2023 we are going to continue to encourage all yachts racing on a Sunday to use raceQs

raceQs can be used to track any sailing trip but has specific functionality for determining race results and analysing performance on specific legs and manoeuvres.

All you need is a mobile phone with sufficient battery. Using an external battery is safeguard against running out of battery during your trip or race.

Apple Store raceQs link

Google Stroe raceQs link

After downloading the app to your phone the following 3 steps are required to get you going

Create a raceQs account

Open the app on your phone and press Settings.

Then enter your Account email address and password.

Press Start Tracking. You will be asked to enter details of the boat you are sailing on. Name is the only mandatory field.

When you are finished your trip press Stop Tracking and then Save and Upload. Your track will be uploaded to your account

You can now view your track on the app or through the raceQs webpage.

There are tutorials in the webpage replays for analysing your tracks and races and those other boats using raceQs in the vicinity of your trip/race