Dinghy Racing Schedule

All dinghy racing apart from the sternchases are average lap to maximise racing time for all competitors.

The overall dinghy championship will combine each competitors twenty best results from all the races up to the end of the Autumn Series, excluding the Ladies Race, Gentlemen’s Race and sternchase.

Starts are just outside the harbour using a race box on the pier.

Easter, Autumn and Winter series

Run on Saturdays. Rolling handicaps apply.

Monday Evening races

Running from late April to late August, sailing in South Queensferry Bay. Start at 1910. Rolling handicaps apply.

Two one of the Monday evenings are trophy races. Open handicaps apply..

Summer Series

Run on Sundays. Rolling handicaps apply.

Mini Series

Three one day mini series of three on Saturdays, back to back races. Open handicaps apply.


There is one sternchase on a Sunday.Start times are calculated using rolling handicap.


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