Request New or Modified Handicap

To request a handicap for a new boat, or to modify an existing handicap, please complete and return an FYCA Handicap Form to Phil Walter or Jim Scott.

Rolling Handicap System

The PEYC Rolling Handicap system, first started in 1995, tracks boat performances & adjusts handicaps so as to encourage ‘middle-of-fleet’ racers, challenge the fast boats and keep the series results closer together.

For races designated to operate on Rolling Handicap (RH), corrected times will be calculated using the current RH value for each boat. Boats racing for the first time, or having changed ownership, will use their Standard Handicap (FYCA 2005 handicap list, RYA YR2/2005 Portsmouth Yardstick list or PEYC allocated trial number for unlisted boats).

Each race will be analysed using the RYA YR2 System, based on the fixed values of Primary Yardstick (PY), Secondary Yardstick (SY), Recorded Number (RN) and Club Number (CN) handicap boats, to establish a Standard Corrected Time (SCT) for that race. The elapsed time of each boat, divided by the SCT & multiplied by 1000, gives its Achieved Performance for that race. CN boats, defined as those about which PEYC has extensive performance data, have been included to spread the SCT computation base.

The new RH value for each boat will be shifted a fraction of the way from its RH for that race towards its Achieved Performance. The fraction, or update coefficient, remains at 0.15 (i.e. RH shifts 15% towards achieved performance). Slow performances are capped at +5% of the Standard Handicap for update purposes but no change is applied until two or more consecutive slow performances occur. This stops intermittent poor performances affecting RH values & reflects the RYA YR2 system ‘poor performance’ limit of +5% beyond which data should be disregarded in calculating average performance. Fast performances are capped at -5% of the Standard Handicap for update purposes to reduce the effect of atypical performances, often caused by ‘wind-tide gate’ situations or major changes in wind strength after the leading yachts have finished.

All regatta & trophy races, except sternchases, are run using Standard Handicaps to calculate results although the performance data will continue to update the RH values for future races.

The system algorithm operates on the PEYC computer with no intervention by Race Officials. Race result printouts show the race handicap, achieved performance & new RH value for each boat.

In the event of protests, late retirements, etc. decided after the next race has been run, there is normally no retrospective calculation of RH values. Results are also published in the Race Results Database via the PEYC web site.

See also

For an explanation of Portsmouth Yardstick handicapping and the Forth Yacht Clubs Association’s approach & performance database, see the FYCA 2004 Workshop material at www.fyca.org.uk.