OOD Guidance

After their first year racing every yacht skipper is expected to be Officer Of the Day (OOD) at least once and sometimes twice a year. Before the schedule is prepared at the beginning of the year all skippers are asked if there any weeks which they are unable to do. The schedule is published and managed through Dutyman a system specifically designed for this task. This system enables skippers to reconfirm their duties and also to request swaps with other skippers. Neil McLure is the Dutyman Co-Ordinator and can help if you have any difficulties with the system just email Neil McLure. The system also records who the committee boat or rib driver is for each race.

There are OOD manuals (please note that these are currently being revised) in the Race Office in the clubhouse, on the committee boat and in the race box at the end of the Main Pier which give detailed step by step instructions for OOD duties.

First Time/Rusty

If it is your first time (or you feel a bit rusty) as OOD let Neil know and he will try and ensure that you have help from an experienced race officer or as a minimum an experienced committee boat driver. We new also planning an OOD training evening in April 2017 when the tides are too low to race.

The OOD will be given average points for the race he is OOD for based on the average of his other races in the series. Remember to enter ‘ood’ in the results system against your yachts name.

A copy of the OOD manuals is now available on this website here

There is also a new OOD Training Video

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