Yacht Racing Schedule

For 2014 races will be started from the committee boat where possible. There is a whole set of new courses to take advantage of this so get new course cards from Janette’s.

Easter series

Four Sundays and two Wednesday evenings starting on 1 April. Rolling handicaps apply.

Edinburgh Cup – 707 Regatta

On the 27th April the club will be hosting the Edinburgh Cup 707 Regatta with yachts coming from all over the UK.

Wednesday Evening Series

First start 19.00. Rolling handicaps apply for Wednesday evening series races.

Wednesday Evening Trophy Races

There are also two trophy races (Club Trophy and RNLI Pennant) and the Muir Stay at Home challenge. Open handicaps apply.

Sunday races

A mix of long distance FOG and FIG racing and one three race mini series (with seperate classes for fast and slow). There are also a number of regattas hosted by other yacht clubs on The Forth which members sail in. See Forth Yacht Clubs Association.


Two sternchases, one yachts only (with fast and slow classes) and the other combined with the dinghies in a single fleet. Start times are calculated using rolling handicap.

East Coast Sailing Week

For full details see East Coast Sailing Week.

Autumn AM and PM series

Five morning and five afternoon races each Sunday from the beginning of October through to the first weekend in November.

Winter series

Five afternoon races each Sunday from the second weekend in November through to early December. Culminating with the Last Race trophy two Sundays before Christmas.