Family Membership changes explained

At the AGM recently we agreed to discontinue the family membership discount. After some feedback from members it has now been decided to continue with the family membership category but with modified rights click here for more details . In this post I have set out some of the considerations and implications.

Firstly, please note that as part of this change all U18s residing at the same address as a full member may in future now register as a Junior Family member without any fee. There will therefore be a small positive financial impact of this change for those where only one parent is a member.

The revised family membership category is designed for those families were one partner does not race and one does.

We have made the change for a number of reasons including :
  1. We want to make sure all adults racing pay their fair share of the costs
  2. There are no significant identifiable cost savings for the club from having two cohabiting adults as members which might help justify the discount we previously had
  3. We want to raise more money for a new clubhouse and committee boat and this seemed a fair change to help with that process.