Saturday Family Sailing Launched

PEYC and Port Edgar Watersports (PEW) are please to announce the launch of Saturday Family Sailing to encourage parents and kids out on the water at the same time. The scheme will run at the same time as PEYC Saturday dinghy racing from May until September. Children typically will be accompanied by an adult. Children must be Junior members of PEYC (which is free if the parent is a member and £20 p.a if not). The cost is £10 per child per single handed boat and £20 for double handers. There may be a new boat surcharge for the newest boats in the fleet (this is yet to be reconfirmed with Port Edgar Watersports. Helms must be RYA Dinghy level 2 standard.  The cost covers boat hire, safety cover and some instruction. Members using their own boat will be free of charge in 2014. If PEYC need to purchase additional safety cover from PEW as a result of an increase in the number of member owned boats then this may be reviewed in subsequent years. If you are interested in taking part then email

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