Sailing Instruction Amendment 2017-9


Port Edgar Yacht Club
Sailing Instructions Amendment 2017-9

9.1 SI 1.11 Courses:
Additional yacht courses, going west from the Main Pier transit start and finishing at mark W, are published in ‘PEYC Yacht Courses Nov 2017’ and may be selected from Sunday 12th Nov. Yachts must normally observe the Queensferry Crossing exclusion zones but are permitted to enter them between the central & south towers to avoid impeding ships while racing.
Courses 300-309: W-wind courses
Courses 310-319: SW-wind courses
Courses 50-69: Mark L is substituted for mark K

Previous Amendments Remaining in Force
(Except as modified above)
8.1 SI 1.9 Schedule of Races:
For the Winter Series for yachts, Divisions 2 & 3 are combined using the Div-3 class flag and Div-3 courses. The scheduled start time for this combined division in these races will be 13:05, 5-mins earlier than originally published
4.1 SI 1.9 Schedule of Races:
Due to its proximity to the Rail Bridge, mark K will not be used in any yacht courses for the rest of 2017. If required, the race officer will make an appropriate substitution.
1.1 SI 1.6 Notices to Competitors & Changes to Sailing Instructions:
All PEYC racing documentation is posted on the club web site at: To improve the speed and effectiveness of SI amendment notifications, the following change to para 1.6(a) has been agreed:

(a) Notices to competitors will be posted, in the first instance, by group email to all PEYC racing members and followed up with a copy on the official notice board outside the PEYC Clubhouse.


Jim Scott – PEYC Sailing Secretary – 10th Nov 2017