Skippers Guest Card

After strong representation from a number of members for boat membership the main committee have now approved a pilot scheme to enable skippers to allow non-members of the club to race more than 4 times a year.

After consultation with a few interested skippers for a ‘boat membership’ scheme the main committee have now decided to implement a more flexible Skipper Guest Membership Scheme as a pilot, as follows :

Skipper Guest Card

A Racing Skipper may apply to Peter Collings the Honorary Treasurer on to purchase for £125 a Skipper Guest Card. The card will entitle the skipper to invite one non-member to race on the skippers boat who has already raced 4 or more times in club races at Port Edgar in 2015. The skipper may purchase more than one Skipper Guest Card. The cards can only be used for the boat the skipper owns.

All non-members (including those invited through a Skipper Race Card) are required to sign in non-members into both the club guest book and the racing sign in sheets as per the Sailing Instructions


The main committee would prefer people racing more than 4 times a year to join the club as a Racing Member. However, it is recognised that some skippers feel uncomfortable asking people to pay subs when not racing regularly. This facility gives skippers greater flexibility in sourcing crew while ensuring a fair contribution to racing costs. It is of course up to the skipper then to decide whether they wish to ask non-members racing with them to make a small contribution to the cost of the card.