Sunday Series Race 1 results

I trust you all enjoyed the race today in 18-20 kts of breeze! The results were all computed and posted in the clubhouse before anyone arrived but the upload to the web site has failed again.
For your information by my calculations at home which may be fractionally different from the posted results:

1. Respect finished at 15:56:43 after 3 W-L laps. Corrected time: 01:58:45
2. Shoki finished at 15:45:20 after 2 W-L laps. Corrected time: 01:58:52
3. Hardslog finished at 15:56:51 after 3 W-L laps. Corrected time: 01:58:57
4. Suspicion finished at 15:50:11 after 2 W-L laps. Corrected time: 02:03:50
5. White Heather finished at 15:49:42 after 1 W-L lap. Corrected time: 02:05:34
Erin: DNF
Hussy: Ret

Hence corrected times for the first three yachts span only 11 secs. (~0.15% of corrected time)
All yachts finished within 11.5 mins (~10% of elapsed time for handicap spread of 858 – 1143 or ~33%)

Some observations:
First yacht to cross the start line did so 15 secs after the gun.
You need to watch for the shorten course flag on a hybrid course rather than blindly follow the example of the boat in front!
Erin went through the finish line after 2 laps and effectively retired. Respect & Hardslog went through still flying their kites and lost a lot of time before getting started on the 3rd lap beat.

I took a number of photos that I’ll send you directly.


Jim Scott