Enough crew for 9 entries but we will need more crew next week

raceQs replays

We had enough crew for 9 boats this week … but only just … please help by letting us know when you can sai so we can keep this great start going .

The lack of wind made training and racing a challenge this week. In the morning we welcomed 4 new mix and matchers. 3 went on Twenty Free and 1 on Hardslog for training. Lots of learning about light wind sail and boat trim and the importance of apparent wind and why the apparent wind is the wind over the deck and not the true wind … very odd terminology for some.

With 9 entries we spread the crew out evenly with Hardslog loaning some crew to Dram and a little mix and matcher juggling. The start was delayed for 30 mins due to the lack of wind. In the meantime Bounty Hunter and Twenty Free decided it was too light for them. With Bounty Hunter missing her rivals last week on Auberge who didnt turn up (who presumably had looked at forecast and thought “no chance”), Salmon opted to start with the rest of the fleet rather than take her 10 min start. After careful considerations of what the wind might do it was decided to sail a reach course from K1 to Z and only 1 lap. It seemed to work as all boats kept moving albeit slowly.

Wishful Thinking (in disguise as Apollo) made a bold move to sneak in at the outer end of the line which unfortunately failed as Brave and Hardslog gave her no quarter. With severe penalties in light winds she decided not to continue racing. Shoki, Dram and Jetstream vied for the lead with Hardslog and Brave having a battle at the tail, all 5 tried flying kites at various stages. Meanwhile Salon sailed along in the middle of the fleet with 2 on boat without raising her pole.

Some raceQs gremlins interfered with trackers on Hardslog, Salmon and Jetstream. However, the working raceQs tracks and positions on the water were sufficient to reconfirm the validity of some estimated times for Hardslog and Salmon and Jetreams time was timed using raceQs. The results are on the website. A commanding victory for Mark Bishopp and his mix and matcher Walter on Salmon. Who says Div 3 boats need a 10 mins start ? !! Race took about an hour so with 30 min delay finishing times allowed folk to get back to the bar if they like before home to loved ones.

Thats the two warmup/practice races over … next week starts the Sunday A series. We will need more crew if we are to get everyone out with more yachts planning to join the fun. The fact e had sufficient crew for 9 boats was promising.

Twenty Free has deiced to enter Wednesday racing and has offered the 3 mix and matchers the opportunity for trial as regular crew. The best result of the day.