The clubhouse; an update

Back in February, at our AGM, we grappled with two major replacement issues –  the Committee boat and the clubhouse. One of the decisions was to hold an EGM in May.

But the world moved on and, as you know, the Committee boat issue was resolved back in March. The work on exploring the possibilities around the new clubhouse has moved forward but we’re not at a stage where a formal EGM is needed. Therefore, the suggestion is that we hold three ‘workshops’ instead, on evenings when we know folk are on site (namely Monday, Wednesday and Thursday)

The broad timetable for the project still sees it as complete in two years time.

The latest architect’s plans reflect our input over the last three months and will allow us to do some more accurate costings …. and make some better comparisons of the options open to us.

So, the workshops will allow us to describe where we’re at, answer questions and take feedback. For those who don’t make one of the meetings, there’ll be a briefing note put out.

Plus, of course, you can speak to either of us anytime. We’re always open to new ideas and offers of help.

And the dates in June? Neil MacDougal and I will be at the clubhouse, after sailing, on:-

Monday 16th

Thursday 19th

Wednesday 25th

See you there.