“707 Club” Training


A group of keen club sailors run the PEYC 707 Club training programme. The 707 Club is a place to muck about in 707s, make mistakes and build skills in a safe environment.

The club owns two 21 ft Hunter 707 keelboats named Apollo and Baltika, and we use these for 707 Club training along with the club RIB for safety cover. Up to 8 people can take part and club mentors are there to offer guidance, instruction or just safety cover depending on what you need. It is a great way to meet other people who also want to sail 707s.

Sessions run on weekends from mid September to mid December, and on Thursday nights from mid/late April till early September. You sign up on a week to week basis on the Booking page of this website, for as many or as few sessions as you like, and you can practise anything you want. People practise stuff like getting in and out of the marina, coming alongside and berthing, reefing, man overboard, anchoring, boat handling, sailing upwind efficiently, flying spinnakers, just going for a nice sail under the bridges and being in sole charge of a boat. We decide at the start of the session what we will do depending on the weather, tide and people sailing.

Sessions are for PEYC members but you can come to up to three 707 Club sessions as a non-member, before you join the club. To join the club is £70 for race membership or £50 for cruise membership in your first year (after that the fee increases). If you want to come along and you have not met us before, then please send me an email with a bit about yourself and your sailing level. If you have come before just go ahead and book online under the Booking tab.

Thursday night sessions run from 18:00-20:30 and we usually meet outside the Clubhouse. Timings for weekend sessions may vary, these will be indicated on the Booking system.

In terms of what to bring or wear for the 707 Club sessions: ideally please wear waterproof clothing and suitable non-slip, non-marking footwear, as well as a sailing lifejacket. If you do not have a lifejacket, you can usually borrow one of the buoyancy aids that are available on both the 707s.

For 2018, the 707 Club sessions will resume after Easter, after the winter maintenance of the boats has been completed.

Sessions cost £16 per person and are bookable from the 707 Booking tab on the PEYC site.

If you have any other questions about the 707 Club, please contact Mandy Polling on peyc707@gmail.com

This is one of our 707s, Baltika.