Thursday night “707 Club” Training

Late April till early September- “707 Club” Thursday nights are a chance to muck about in 707’s make mistakes and build skills in a safe environment. We use the the two club 707’s Apollo and Baltika and the club RIB for safety cover.  Up to 8 people can take part and I am there to offer guidance, instruction or just safety cover depending on what you need. It’s a great way to meet other people who also want to sail 707’s. You sign up on a weekly basis for as many or as few sessions as you like, and you can practice anything you want. People practice stuff like getting in and out of the marina, coming alongside and berthing, reefing, man overboard, anchoring, boat handling, sailing upwind efficiently, flying spinnakers, just going for a nice sail under the bridges and being in sole charge of a boat. We decide on the night what we will do depending on the weather, tide and people sailing. Sessions are for club members but you can come for up to three sessions to try us out before you join the club. If you want to come along and you haven’t met me before then please send me an email with a bit about you and your sailing level. If you have come before just go ahead and book online.

Rachel Alvarado

sessions cost £16 pounds per person. You can book and pay online here