Wednesday Yacht Entry and Mix and Match Form

N.B This form will be easier to see in landscape on a phone

If you dont have a google account this direct link to the form may work better

List of Entries for next Wednesday’s Race

Allocation of Mix and Match Crew to Yachts

Please take a look at the form well before you first race to confirm your yacht and regular crew are included . Please email any requested changes required to [email protected]

The key features are as follows:

It does not require you to enter a date. 

You can submit an entry anytime in the preceding week. 

There is a withdrawal option if, having entered, you subsequently decide not to race.

If , having entered, names change or you need a different number of crew then you just resubmit with the correct names and your previous form will be ignored.

Clearly our ability to satisfy additional crew requests will still be dependent on when your form is submitted. Mix and Matchers allocated to your boat before 1200 Wednesday will automatically be added to your crew list. 

After 1200 on Wednesday you will need to update your entry form with any changes as per above.

There is a separate process for Sundays which includes morning race training. If you wish to be added to that process then email [email protected]