Winter Talks Announced

Thanks for all the offers from people willing to share their interesting tales on a nautical theme. This is our 2015 Wednesday evening pre-season talks programme.
  • 11th March Dr Joanna Zajac will guide us on her sail from Buenos Aires to Punta Arenas in Chile. The talk will include photos, the route and description of the natural wonders seen – penguin colonies of over 400,000, whales, sea lions, sea elephants and glaciers.
  •  18th March Dr Howard Dryden (Flint) a talk on Ocean Pollution and Climate change, (I’ve seen some of the photos – amazing).
  • 25th March  “In October 2012, the Jubilee Sailing Trust tall ship “Lord Nelson” which was purpose built to be sailed by physically disabled and able -bodied people, set off on the first accessible voyage around the world (4 times across the equator, 7 continents, 50,000+ miles and 30 countries. Three Edinburgh crew who were on board as crew would like to share their experiences with the club.
  • 1st April, a very practical talk on Race officer Duties using the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) plus some rules of racing. A must for any crew with  race officer duty this year.
So something for everybody. Please put those dates in you diary. The talks will take place in the club house commencing at 1930 pm.
Geoff Bowerman
Vice Commodore