Winter Talks

In early 2023 we had an interesting an varied programme of winter talks which ranged from a trip to St Kilda to the work of the Ellen McArthur Trust. We are working to make this year equally stimulating, and here is a foretaste of what we have in place.

Weds 17th Jan 7pm Alan Kohler
8pm Frank Hay
Baltic Virgins
The Briggers
Weds 21st Feb 7pm Rhys Gorman

8pm Blair Scott
RYA Scotland Development Officer (East).
Building the racing scene – a discussion.

XPatSea Sailing. The International Certificate of Competence (ICC)
and how to prepare for it.
Weds 28th Feb7.30pm AGM
Thurs 7th March7pm Martin EdgeEmbrace the Rocks: Sailing the West Coast of Sweden.

Winter Boat Maintenance Classes

Jock Blair is offering to run some boat maintenance workshops as part of the familiarisation and preparation of EuRoBo for the start of next season. No firm plans as yet we are just “running it up the flagpole to see if anyone salutes” If you think you might be interested click this link and type in your name. (Just type in your name and press enter – the pixies will do the rest). While we welcome guests to our winter talks this activity is limited to PEYC members.