Yacht Racing Crewing and Mix and Match

We race every Wednesday evening April to October and every Sunday April to December. On Sundays we help people with less experience to get comfortable before joining in on Wednesday evenings when there are more boats out and the competition hots up.

At PEYC we have a scheme to help new crew to develop and find yachts to sail on and to help new boats and others to find crew when they are short. We call the service Mix and Match (M&M). For 2022, we are implementing a new service which should improve the experience for skippers and crew alike.

New crew to PEYC racing … for crew new to racing at PEYC we will encourage people to come racing on a Sunday and to join our warm up lap in the morning when it is on. This provides you with race practice with key manoeuvres before you join the formal scheduled race in the afternoon. All you need to do is register and then inform us you are available a couple of days in advance and we try and find you a yacht to sail on. This is done using our M&M Service.

Skippers with crew spaces … we want to get as many boats out racing as possible as this gives everyone the best experience. Skippers and boats that need more crew or would be happy to take some new crew just inform us when you have spaces also using the M&M Service.

Experienced and Development Crew … for experienced crew that would like to sail but whose normal boat is not sailing we want to encourage you to come out on other boats. Just register on M&M and then inform us you are available. If you fancy helping develop and train new or less experienced racers. Just register as development crew and then when you are available as development crew let us know.