Start Yacht Racing

How to get started

  1. If you are interested in race crewing then email [email protected] or text or phone 07802 168 274 and someone from the crew matching team will contact you to arrange to meet you and help you get a sail. We run a crew matching service. For more details click on Mix and Match
  2. You can also come to the club house on a scheduled race day 60-90 minutes before the start time and ask if anyone needs crew
  3. Check the ‘Crew wanted’ board and add your name to the board as crew available
  4. You can join the PEYC Yahoo mailing list and post a message, remember to say something about your experience level and provide some means of contact like a telephone number

The list of races is published in the calendar on this website and home page will show those happening in the near future.

What to wear on the day

Bring & wear warm clothes:

  • Think layers
  • Waterproofs (simple and cheap is fine, don’t bring your best hill walking gear as it might not like salt water)
  • A warm hat
  • Soft soled shoes or wellies (avoid ones a black or dark sole as these may leave marks the boat’s deck)

Things that are nice to have:

  • Sailing gloves (available from Bosun’s Locker at Port Edgar from £10) to protect your hands
  • A personal flotation device (life jacket or bouyancy aid)

Most boats will have extra gloves and personal flotation devices so these are not essential. The RYA recommends that you wear a personal flotation device unless you are sure that you don’t need to.

If flag Y is flying then you must wear a personal flotation device. The skipper or other crew members will advise you if this is the case. Otherwise it is down to personal choice (although some boats have a policy of wearing them at all times).

Good things to know

The basics of sailing including the names of ropes, sails and parts of the boat.  Doing a beginners dinghy sailing course at the sailing school is a good introduction and also great fun.

A basic knowledge of racing can help (the start, basic rules, the meaning of flags displayed on the committee boat or pier) but isn’t essential.

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