PEYC raceQs Help Guide

This advice is intended to supplement is the raceQs FAQ page


Installing the App on your phone (iPhone or Android) – just search for “raceQs”

Registering a raceQs account – you can do this online or when you first start up the app on your phone. (You can also set up an account automatically using your Facebook account if you have one)

To record your track just press “start tracking” on your app before the beginning of the race and then “stop tracking” at the end of the race and it will automatically upload your track.

To replay your race just sign into your account online to see your boat and all the boats racing against you who recorded their tracks !

It is as simple as that !!


Like all gps apps it consumes battery power.

Save battery life by only starting the app just before the 5 min gun and stop just after finish.

Ask 2/3  of crew to bring a phone and use one phone per race in a regatta.

Ideally plug it into a (cigarette lighter) charger on your boat if you have one. Alternatively, purchase a Mophie battery pack or similar to keep the phone charged.


Stop recording and restart in between each race so we can replay each race separately.